Diving courses
On this page you can see the NAUI courses that we can offer you!
Regardless of whether you are interested in underwater photography, dry suit diving or in development of your knowledge by improving your rescue abilities or the Nitrox diving, NAUI has a suitable course for you!
Amateur diving courses
This diving sport will lead you to exotic places and may be to your exiting hobby, which you can practice all over the world. By choosing NAUI system training, you can be satisfied with the best. NAUI has the highest standards in the diving industry and the NAUI divers have worldwide reputation for underwater researches, where every breath opens new page for one journey to the unknown.
Specialized diving courses
Regardless of whether you are interested in underwater photography, fishing and collecting, searching and recovery or development of your knowledge to include rescue abilities or diving with Nitrox, NAUI has special course for you!
Instructor courses
NAUI instructor is a person dedicated to the motto “Dive safety through education”, person to whom others turn for leadership and knowledge. NAUI has always been and still is the most prestigious agency, concentrated on education. You can share the advantage – and help making it! If you consider that your work must be pleasant and exiting, if you are impatient to share your knowledge with other people, if you think that for being a good instructor you must be one of the best educated – feel free to join them. Join the adventure!
Leadership courses
The Diving Instructor certificate is unique for NAUI. It qualifies people to educate and certify divers and to conduct snorkeling programs. The Divemaster, as well as the Assistant instructor can be trained for NAUI Instructors. The graduation of IPC (instructor preparation course) is recommended to be made before the ITC course.

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