Give yourself up to your dream and join the beauty of the infinity!
"Blue Abyss" dive club is young, but gathers speed very fast. Thanks to its tolerance and patience, it manages to quickly attract people, who are soon going to convince themselves in the qualities of the theoretical education as well as in these of the practical. The equipment is new and high-quality and the practice is a frantic experience. Here you have the chance to use equipment for free if you are or going to be member of the "Blue Abyss" dive club.
Begin diving into the world of silence, where the only thing you can hear is your own breathing.

Donít say "I donít dive!" You are missing out an amazing underwater experience. New way of life among nice new friends. You are also missing many new places for vacation. Nowhere else you could have such happy and unforgettable time. Are you still thinking that you donít want to dive where just a few people are favored to be?

Instructorís crew:
Ivaylo Iliev NAUI, CMAS, SDI;
Nedyalko Dimov NAUI, SDI;
Georgi Mihailov NAUI,
Angelina Nowichkova NAUI.
Georgi Iliev NAUI

Diving equipment - Blue Abyss - Plovdiv
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